안녕하세요여러분!! Hello everyone!! Welcome back to my blog and Welcome if it’s your first time here!! Don’t forget to subscribe to have a new blog about how to enjoy the Korean lifestyle, every week! 🥰 Today, I will show you special activities, a special one for JAPANESE ANIME LOVERS, that will leave you the desire to travel with EF as soon as possible. Let’s start! ✨


Cheonggyecheon Stream, Seoul

With 2 million of visitors every year, the Seoul Lanter festival is one of the most known celebrations in the city. The night become day during it and the atmosphere if full of stories that sure you know. ‘The little prince’,’Alice in Wanderland’, ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and so many others tales will back to life.

The spectacular view of this part of the city was amazing, I remember it was pretty far but by taxi is cheap, even more if you share it with your friends!


My first time in a trampoline house. So exciting! My adrenaline was so high that you could feel it just looking at me, and actually my friends have felt it hahaha.  

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That’s because I didn’t know that it was more to do than just jump up and down. Climbing, going beyond cubes and jumping down from a height, wasn’t certain in my plans. I felt like in TAKESHI’s CASTLE!  

It was intense haha, I remember that there was a Korean girl looking so scary and I felt ever more than them, but luckily my friend was there! That’s it was friends do, isn’t it? They believed in me and I was so proud of me that I could believe to have finished that circuit without fall down. Finally, after this, we could relax and jump up and down to the rhythm of BLACKPINK and BTS’s songs.


 53 Yanghwa-ro 10-gil, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

The Doremi Coffe is one of the best options if you love Japanese Anime and if one of the protagonists of your childhood was Doremi like mine. I knew about this coffee before to go to Korea and I added on my list, anyway I didn’t know where it exactly was until I talked with my room mate! We have lots of things is common Ahah. So, after visited the Harry Potter Cafe, check on my previous blog to know more about it, we decided to go there.

We went early because the coffee is open for lunchtime and we weren’t aware of it before arriving there. By the way, after waiting a bit we finally went in! It was empty and this is a good thing if you think that in Korea usually, you have to wait long to go anywhere! But, I can tell you that if you go at lunchtime, there are no cakes ready, a shame, uff. The coffee was very good and don’t worry Doremi coffee, I’ll be back to try your amazing Doremi Cake! It’s the same cake as in the Anime!

Well, these were just a few things to do, that I have done during my stay in Korea. I can’t wait to share with you other activities next week!

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See you next Thursday, 안녕!! ♥️

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